Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to create a recycled tie brooch or pin

I admit it. I have an obsession with old ties. I love the patterns and textures they have, and I love upcycling them into new craft projects. The other day, my husband asked me to buy him a tie for a wedding we were invited to, so I headed to the local department store to see what I could find. I was absolutely dumbfounded by the price one single tie. Thirty dollars! So I headed to the thrift store, and ended up buying eight ties for a total of two dollars. My husband chose the least “ugly” one, and I was left with the rest to add to my collection.
There comes a point in time, however, where you need to say “enough is enough. I need to do something with these!” I have made purses out of the ties before, and they turned out great. But I wanted to make something that was more marketable to a wider audience, something that I didn't need to charge a lot for so craft sale customers would be enticed to buy them on impulse, just because they were cool.
I came up with this project after looking at a book of different ribbon embellishments to make. I immediately thought of my ties, and how great they would be for a rosette.
Project Difficulty: easy
Possible Injuries: a few needle pricks, possible a burn or two from the hot glue gun
Time: about 15 minutes

First, measure 13” from the skinnier end of the tie and cut it with a fabric scissors. Tuck the cut end into the opening of the pointed end of the tie to make a circle.
Sew a straight line to connect the two ends together. You can either use a sewing machine or sew by hand using a tight straight stitch.
Using a needle and a strong hand sewing or quilting thread, sew a loose straight stitch around one edge of the entire tie “circle”, making the stitches approximately a half inch long. Leave a tail when you come to your original knot, do not knot the end of the thread.
Now is the fun part. Pull the tail of the thread tight, and you will see your tie rosette come to life. Reposition the needle closer to the fabric and sew a knot, keeping the thread taught, so that the rosette does not loosen. Trim the threads.
Using a hot glue gun, glue on a vintage button or two to cover the center of the rosette. Glue a pin jewelry finding to the back. Pin to your blouse or jacket, and let the compliments commence.

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